Helpful InformationWhere to hang your Artwork

December 18, 2018by Marina Haycroft

When choosing a place to hang your portrait it is important to keep the following things in mind.  Areas with high humidity such as the bathroom and kitchen are going to make the portrait paper susceptible to crinkling and mold so it is important to find a dry place and out of direct sunlight.  Under glass, the heat from the sun, a hot car or a fireplace can create condensation and moisture in the frame which would create visible marks on the textured paper. Bleaching can also occur when the portrait is exposed to direct sunlight for long periods of time.

When transporting your framed artwork, it is important to store it upright or face up to ensure the portrait does not touch the glass and potentially get smudged or leave particles visible on the glass surface.  When carrying the artwork use both hands holding upright to put into place.

Of course, you want your treasured artwork to be in a place where it will be enjoyed!


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