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February 27, 2019by Marina Haycroft

My focus throughout all of my Works is to capture the feel/soul/spirit/presence/life/realness or whatever word you like to use to describe the essential being-ness of these incredible animals that have enlisted to serve humanity in the most special way. I endeavour to bring life to every portrait I do so you feel the presence of your equine friend.

Often I get asked to do portraits of loved horses that have passed away and the reactions of owners at their portrait reveal when they receive a portrait of their most treasured animals is so special.  The connection between owners and their animals is a special one. What better way to celebrate the gift that our animals are, than immortalising their character and uniqueness in a custom portrait that will be enjoyed for your lifetime and more.  I do what I do not only because I enjoy creating the artwork itself but also, I feel incredibly honoured and blessed to be able to bring so much joy to animal owners through doing what makes my heart full.

I believe it to be true that horses have consciousness in a BIG way. Consciousness as listed in the Webster dictionary is “awareness or perception of an inward psychological or spiritual fact; intuitively perceived knowledge of something in one’s inner self.” Horses force us to function from a space of complete presence free of the egoistic mind and drive us to practice the essentials in horse and human communication: feeling intuitively. So often we are dominated by our minds through incessant thoughts that influence our experience of this moment. Interactions and communication with horses requires that we be completely focused to notice subtle cues from the horse that if unnoticed can result in disunity, ineffective communication and discord.

I believe it is essential to focus on our self-development to truly adopt the qualities of a leader that the horse requires to participate in a harmonious and rewarding relationship. I am not referring to a position of dominance, rather awareness, self-confidence, kindness, feel and openness to assert an atmosphere of safety for the horse while recognising and perceiving what they are communicating to respond appropriately.

“Being with horses always has been one of the highest arts in personal development.” – Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

Nothing nourishes or satisfies my needs and emotional hunger more than genuine connection and communication with horses. I know that without the vital elements of creativity and expression in this way I would not thrive or grow.


Custom Horse Portraits by Marina Haycroft capture the unique personality, essence and character of your horse in a pastel painting to immediately evoke a sense of the horse’s presence.


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