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December 18, 2018by Marina Haycroft

Framing the pastel portrait is essential to ensure the longevity of the work and protect the artwork from any damage and smudging.  Whether you are getting your portrait framed professionally or you are doing it yourself, there are some important things to note when framing and handling pastel artworks.

It is normal for a small number of pastel particles to fall from the artwork so it is important to cater for this in the framing. One of the most important aspects of the pastel artwork frame is that the artwork is held off the glass with an invisible spacer.  This will prevent any pastel smudging or sticking onto the glass as well as hiding any loose particles of pastel that happen to fall.  Avoid using plexiglas as the static can pull off pastel particles from your piece.  Museum-grade glass is recommended as it will minimise any glare or reflection that detracts from the beauty of your artwork.

While a matt is not essential, I think it can really add to the aesthetics of the work and complement the portrait.  For example, a black matt can give more depth to the portrait, making the colours appear richer and standout overall. The matts come in all colours, widths and thickness and can be tailored to suit your specific artwork.  I would avoid using colour that detract from the subject in the artwork. There is not one single frame that will work for every artwork, they need to be picked out especially for every individual piece to complement the colours of the subjects in the portrait.

When choosing the frame, again there are a wide range of options to appeal to your style, home and the subjects in the portrait. I always like to pick a frame that will bring out the eyes and key features of the subjects.  For a palomino horse I would choose a gold frame or similar colour to bring out the richness in the coat. Of course, this is all up to personal preference and with an experienced framer you can expect to receive guidance on the best style frame to complement the subjects.   If you have any questions about framing please feel free to send me an E-mail at


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