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Everything you need to know about commissioning your own horse portrait or commissioning a gift can be found below.

Shipping cost subject to change depending on location.

Please note: Prices are in Australian Dollars (AUD).


    Method of contact

    Upload Photos



    Step 1.

    Decide which size dog portrait would best suit your home and select above. Please keep in mind the sizes I have specified are for the unframed portrait. Larger portrait sizes are possible upon request.

    A3 (29.7cm x 42cm)

    A2 (42cm x 59.4cm)

    A1 (59.4cm x 84cm)

    Step 2.

    Take a high quality photo of your dog and upload to above form or attach all photos in an E-mail provided after contact made through contact form.

    Step 3.

    I will reply to you within 2 business days with:

    • A simple digital client agreement form for your completion
    • An invoice for payment of the 25% deposit, payable via PayPal
    • The answers to any questions you have asked
    Step 4.

    Once I’ve received your completed order form and 25% deposit, I will start creating your horse portrait and will have it completed within 21 days upon commencement unless the fast track option is selected above in which case you will have your portrait completed in 14 days. Required time for larger pet portrait sizes will be discussed upon request.

    Step 5.

    As soon as the portrait is completed, I will email you a photo of the completed work. I’ve never had a client who wasn’t completely happy with their finished portrait however, for your peace of mind, if you don’t love your horse portrait you’ll have the opportunity to request alterations to the portrait.

    Any alterations requested will be agreed upon and completed within 3 business days, after which I will email you a photo of the dog portrait with the alterations you’ve requested.

    Step 6.

    Once you’ve confirmed you love your dog portrait and have decided if you would like framing done for you or not, I’ll email you an invoice for payment of the balance of the portrait price with/without framing, which will be payable via PayPal.

    Step 7.

    Once I’ve received full payment of the balance, I’ll post your unframed dog portrait in a flat-packed parcel to your delivery address within 2 business days. I use Australia Post and provide free standard shipping Australia wide.

    Framing is optional. It can be a very personal thing and it can be an art in itself to match it to the portrait and to your home. I work with a reliable and skilled framer who is a specialist in framing pastel works and can choose a beautiful and quality frame and pack the artwork safely for postage. Framing does incur an additional fee and usually an extra 7 days subject to the size of the portrait.

    Once the parcel has been shipped, I’ll email you to provide the Australia Post tracking code, an estimated date of delivery and care instructions for your new artwork. For international shipping I will go over the details with you when you contact me.

    More helpful information about care and handling of your portrait can be found on my Blog page.

    Step 8.

    Shortly after the estimated delivery date, I’ll send you an email to make sure you’ve safely received your dog portrait.

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    Custom Horse Portraits by Marina Haycroft capture the unique personality, essence and character of your horse in a pastel painting to immediately evoke a sense of the horse’s presence.


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