Custom Dog Portraits

My mission is creating a portrait of your dog that captures the unique essence and character of your furry friend. Whether it be the centrepiece of your home or purchased as a gift, the timeless treasure will captivate viewers as the dog’s life like presence is immortalised in a portrait.


My name is Marina Haycroft and I’m a Brisbane-based pet portrait artist. I have enjoyed working with animals and drawing them for as long as I can remember.

I love connecting with other animal lovers and creating unique artworks that capture the character of their beloved furry family. It’s so rewarding to see photos of my client’s commissioned artworks hanging proudly in their homes.

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The creation of my work is driven by my profound love of animals.

Pastel Portrait Artist,
Marina Haycroft

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“It’s going to take pride of place in our new home. Reminds me of my baby girl, my boy and my mate. So awesome.”

Rob & RJ

“Thank you so much.  You are so talented Marina, you have managed to portray their different personalities perfectly. We just love it.”



“Hey Marina,

Thank you so much, it is perfect!”


“I received this beautiful artwork from my now husband, it is absolutely stunning and perfectly resembles both horses. My old mare (the bay) passed away only a couple months ago and this is the most special gift I could have ever hoped to receive. Thank you so much. I couldn’t love it any more! I cried when I opened it, it’s so special and something I will cherish forever.”


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Custom Horse Portraits by Marina Haycroft capture the unique personality, essence and character of your horse in a pastel painting to immediately evoke a sense of the horse’s presence.


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